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Patient Testimonials

Prior to going to Dr. Wasserman, I had several medical issues that were very much affecting my lifestyle.  I was dealing with the following issues:


1) Overweight

2) High blood pressure

3) Diabetes

4) Factor 5 (blood clotting)


I was taking a lot of medications and trying to do a lot of exercises and dieting.  Nothing I did seemed to have any effect on my medical condition.  I was unable to loose weight, which I knew was a main contributor to my medical condition.  I was very frustrated and did not know what I could do.


I began working with Dr. Wasserman with what I thought was an emphasis on loosing weight. He was applying acupuncture and administering herbal medication.  His emphasis was on my diabetes and blood pressure, with the goal of getting my medications reduced.  I was exercising and dieting as well as drinking a lot of water (at his advice).  Soon I was loosing weight and my diabetes was under control.  Part of the herbal regimen was addressing my blood sugars as well as my metabolism which had a positive effect on my weight.  From where I stood the acupuncture and herbal regimen allowed my system to work and the dieting and exercising was finally working.


My doctors were amazed at my weight loss and my blood sugar counts.  My endocrinologist has taken me off of insulin injections and I will be off of all diabetes medication if I loose a few more pounds.  My primary doctor has reduced my blood pressure medications as well.  The weight loss has been long lasting and I have not gone up and down in my weight, it has stabilized after loosing 25-30 pounds.  I am still seeing Dr. Wasserman once every three weeks for acupuncture treatment and herbal medication and very much watching my weight and exercising but very energized as to having seen benefits to my efforts.


There is no doubt in my mind that I would not be in the condition of health that I am without the efforts of Dr. Wasserman. My efforts alone were not working.  I have since gotten my wife and friends involved with Dr. Wasserman based on the success I have had.


Bruce Orenstein

I credit Dr. Wasserman  with my incredible recovery from sciatica. I really thought I would never get better. His mix of Acupuncture treatments, Chinese medicine and suggestions for movement programs did the trick for me. Not only is he highly skilled and knowledgeable (trained in China and Taiwan) he is a practitioner who really cares about his patients and listens to them.  He's the real deal.


Cari Stein


September of 2015, I started acupuncture with Dr. Marc Wasserman at Flow Health Clinic in Hunt Valley Maryland.  I came to Dr. Wasserman with neck, shoulder and back pain from stress at work and lifting weights at the gym.  All of this pain was causing significant headaches at night making it very difficult for me to sleep peacefully. Along with the muscle aches and pains, I developed anxiety from a very stressful work environment.  Dr. Wasserman’s unique approach to acupuncture has changed my life for the better.   While undergoing treatment with Dr. Wasserman, I was able to see significant signs of improvement after just a few treatments.  Dr. Wasserman has also treated me for other ailments which have popped up in the last eight months.  I am literally amazed that I didn’t have to see my family physician because my ailments were treated with herbal medication effectively.  Acupuncture is truly amazing, especially when facilitated by such a knowledgeable and caring practitioner.  I highly recommend Dr. Wasserman for acupuncture and herbal medicine.



Sheri Metzbower


I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to Dr. Marc Wasserman and Flow Health Clinic in recent months.  I had been experiencing sudden, unexplained, and debilitating nerve pain behind my right ear.  When a visit to my PCP resulted in being referred to a pain management company, I found myself scrambling for other alternatives.  


My symptoms, and most importantly, the pain, dissipated within 2 to 3 acupuncture treatments.  By providing a calmly paced, well explained treatment procedure, Dr. Marc carefully addressed any concerns or pre-conceived fears I may have about the acupuncture process.  He shares his breadth of knowledge freely and shows up with care and compassion to every appointment I have had with him.  Now that my "emergency" health concern is behind me, I have worked with Dr. Marc to start addressing some chronic shoulder pain issues.  This, too, has been successful.  


I've been referring Dr. Marc to friends and family since my first visit, and am more than happy to recommend him via this short testimonial.  



Angela Cavallaro


I've been taking Chinese herbal supplements as prescribed by Dr. Marc for approximately one year due to elevated liver enzymes.  After two months, blood work showed my liver enzymes were almost back to normal levels.  I continue to take Chinese herbal supplements as a preventative tool for better health.  I've always believed in holistic medicine because it's all natural.  


Rodney Hamer


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